15 November, 2010

Links and Studio News

November 15 in the Studio, Hoquiam River Scenes
Casey Klahn

Jeanette Jobson, who does Gyotaku Prints, has published an interview of me at her newsletter. Jeanette blogs at Illustrated Life. Go here to find out about my studio secrets.

Katherine Tyrrell, of Making a Mark, has linked me on her popular Sunday feature, "Who's Made a Mark This Week." If you don't already make a habit of reading her
Sunday entries, you should. I consider it the artist blogger news.

Here at The Colorist, I am continuing to think about The Artist's Ideas. If you haven't found your answers as to what your art ideas should be, that's good. Keep looking, and use my essays as fuel for your thoughts.

Also, in the world of blogging, I wonder who will become my three-hundredth follower? Next month will be the fourth anniversary of The Colorist, and I think you can appreciate the effort that requires. I appreciate each reader at my humble artist's blog.

I am becoming active at the ning community, Artistes de Studio. Jennifer Evenhus, a great artist from central Washington, is the driving force there. I enjoy the status of a Master Artist in the group.

Studio Panorama

In the studio, I am going forward with the long awaited Hoquiam River Series. Consider it like Twilight, only more moody. My representation of the rainy, coastal little river is a passage I am making by means of strong pastel paintings. Are these paintings of one of the most interesting places on Earth good representations of the scenery there? Only if you look at them through the heart.

I hope to have an opening in Hoquiam, my hometown, some time next year.


Sonya Johnson said...

Nice interview in Illustrated Life, Casey. I almost laughed out loud when I read "I paint gloom", though! You sure manage to elevate and transform "gloom" to something else entirely in your work, for sure.

The studio teasers in the photo are looking great; can't wait to see them posted here.

SamArtDog said...

You've always been one of my favorite resources and have been as long as I've been lucky enough to have a clue. I'm not surprised that you're getting included by so many collectors of notable blogs. That's a great interview with Jennifer Jobson.

If I could, I'd headline your blog with...
"Heads up, people! He knows what he's talking about."

Jeanette Jobson said...

I always feel like I could walk right into your river pieces. I love them all.

Casey Klahn said...
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Casey Klahn said...

Yeah, Sonya - I am happy that you laughed! That is the highest compliment, really, because you see the irony. I paint and want the viewer to feel like nine months of rain, but hoping for a better tomorrow.

I hope to get formal photos soon.

Sam, you are a constant reader and I recognize it. I am happy about that - hey, thanks for reading that interview.

Maybe your fish are swimming there, Jeanette! Except yours are the real thing.

loriann signori said...

Hi Casey, I really enjoyed your interview with Jennifer. Your 12 answers were fascinating and funny. So you don't paint light...just gloom, eh? I must admit I don't really see gloom. I see relationships of luscious color. Can't wait to see more of your river paintings.

Unknown said...

Good interview! I enjoyed the questions and informative answers. Your studio looks like a great place to work. Do I see gray masking tape on your painting edges? Where do you find that?

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Kathy! That is actually black tape, but gray would be cool. I never thought about that. I usually put the tape on mid way through my painting, since the color relationships are set, but I need to make sure of the overall linear composition. Also, It is the time when I decide if I am succeeding or failing badly.

Hi, Loriann! I'll have to work on that gloom, then. I am wondering if my western WA light is where I want it. I need to "channel" Morris Graves some more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
I must admit I haven't found the time to read your interview yet because I am in the middle of new experiments and series again which requests all my spare time but I am always eager to see a new piece of your River series. What a landscape - so beautiful - and I love all of your interpretations.
Looking forward to see the next ones.

Lisa McShane said...

There are 300 followers now! I wonder who the magic one was?

Cherry Jeffs said...

Just found your blog via an old post on Alyson's Art Biz Blog. Just my cup of tea ;) I'm proud to have just become your 301st blog follower :)

Casey Klahn said...

Lisa! It was Elaine, from Connecticut, who owns draft horses. Very cool.

Petra, I hope to get the photos soon - thanks for looking in.

Hi, Cherry Jeffs - thanks for following!

M said...

Good interview in Illustrated Life Casey. I always find it very interesting to have a sneak peek into the minds of other artists. Your pastel work is masterful. I think looking at a landscape and interpreting it rather than exactly rendering it is very difficult. You seem to do it with ease.
Jeanette's is such a productive woman; I don't know where she gets time to accomplish what she does. I had the pleasure of meeting her this year at a workshop.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, kindly, Margaret - for the compliment and for reading. I have only met a few of the bloggers out there, but look forward to meeting more over time.

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