29 November, 2010

Picasso Cache - Truth or Theft?

Poor Pierre Le Guennec. All he wants is the almost eighty million dollar windfall that ought to come with his recently revealed cache of artworks made by Pablo Picasso. Unfortunately, few believe his story that the master artist gifted him with an enormous treasure of drawings, paintings, collages and more. Generous the artist was, but $80 Million? That was some great electrician-client relationship that Guennec had with Picasso!

For my part, I want to believe the French working man. I even hope he gains profit from this somehow, but hopes don't make proof. I advise anyone giving their art as a gift may want to provide some documentation along with it. Who knows who will accuse the beneficiary of art-theft in generations to come?


Unknown said...

Casey - I had the same reaction when I saw this on the news report. I'm hoping that a museum snatches-up these works rather than a private collector so we all may see them!

Diane Widler Wenzel said...

I include documentation with all the work I sell including a certificate of authenticity and a bio-resume. But the donated work should also have the same including a stamped self addressed envelope for the return registration of the owner for my file.
I could then find all my work and do a virtual retrospective some time in the future.

Sharmon Davidson said...

What a story! Did he say why he never mentioned them until now? It seems that maybe someone who put in the alarm system might know how to get around it, hmm?

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