31 January, 2011

Drawing Mary

First published November, 2009.

Mary Cassatt, After Degas - detail
@ 32" x 26"
Casey Klahn

At the Easel

I like studying the master works of artists like Edgar Degas. This work is a copy of his well known Portrait of Mary Cassatt.


Rose Welty said...

Nicely done Casey. They are two of my favorites - I always learn alot from copying their drawings.

She really hated that portrait - felt that Degas made her look ungainly. I don't agree, but she didn't really like disagreement!

Sonya Johnson said...

Wonderful rendition of Degas' portrait, Casey, and a good argument for working in charcoal.

Exploring portrait and figurative work [also via copying master's works] is next on my "to-do" list, so I really appreciate you sharing your efforts here - they are inspiring on their own.

Love the easel shot, BTW. Curious - what surface did you use for this?

Celeste Bergin said...

What a wonderful job you did of this....(!) and I really love your portrait "with" Mary Cassatt! I love spending time with the Masters....This is exceptional!

Casey Klahn said...

That's funny, Rose! I wouldn't say "ungainly." Maybe it had a nuanced difference back then. I see her as slight, maybe winnow-y. Her severe side shows through, though, huh?

I think MC's works in the genre that are most like Degas are my favorites.

Thanks, Sonya. This is on Rives BFK heavyweight. I bought a ream of 100 sheets, in the full sheet size.

Hey, Celeste! This one reminds me of your genre when you paint period people, esp. ladies. I am glad you like this!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Nice! It looks like she's imploring you to please do more. I hope you do! Kvan

P.S. I remember when you FIRST posted this. Good to be a long-term fan of yours, Casey!

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey, Charcoal drawings are so special and this one is done wonderfully well! I like the poetry of the line and the understated tone; sublime!

Astrid Volquardsen said...

Hi Casey,you captured her gesture so well!
Wouldn't you love to do a time travel and listen to a conversation they both must have had about pastels? (of course we need some device like a time travel translater, because my French isn't good enough! :-)

Casey Klahn said...

Asti, ni le mien. Merci.

Peggy, thank you for the kind comment. I do like the line when I use charcoal.

Hi, Kvan! I will do more, on your suggestion. Only today, I am hanging drywall in my studio.

Jala Pfaff said...

Cool, and I love the surreal-looking photo of you + the woman in the drawing.

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Jala! I'm mugging for the camera again.

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