13 February, 2011

Faroe Islands and The Ukraine - Take a Visit With Me

Webpage of Artist Pól Skarðenni, Faroe Islands

Do you remember when I brought to your attention the way that artist Sonya Johnson represents the Four Corners area of the American Southwest?  I am always amazed when an artist nails his or her landscape so well.  Let me bring you two more artists I saw this week whose works hit the mark artistically.

Pól Skarðenni is an oil painter whose images of the Faroe Islands are so fascinating that I wanted you to see them.  I haven't been to the Faroes, but I did spend a few months on the Aleutian Islands, and there is an affinity with that area in these paintings.  Hat Tip to Katherine Tyrrell, of The Art of the Landscape for making me aware of this artist.

The next artist came to me via the Follow tool in Blogger.  He is number # 347 in my follows, otherwise known as Sergie Kovyka-Aliyev.  Sergie Kovyka-Aliyev is from The Ukraine, and I envy his spare use of the pencil to render his landscapes.  He inspires me to go out and draw every tree I see.  He blogs at KOVYKA, Sky, Steppe.


Unknown said...

Wow, I love the landscapes of the Faroes....awesome.

Casey Klahn said...

Kristina, his paintings are a perfect match for his area, and also for his alla prima style. I'm glad you loved them, too.

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