02 February, 2011

Henri Matisse - Hommage

Music - Arabesque No. 1 in E Major composed by Claude Debussy.
Video by Philip Scott Johnson.


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Great video, Casey. Debussy is a good choice to go with the images. Polite music with unexpected flourishes. I think that in this collection, the self-portraits appealed to me most. Have you done self-portraits?

Casey Klahn said...

Not really on the self portraits. I did portraits in my high school days, and want to return to it someday. For now, the figure is what I am working on.

Lorie did buy me a nice book of 500 master artists self portraits. It is quite good.

SamArtDog said...

Matisse was a glorious way to start the morning. Pre-conceived ideas hadn't yet taken hold of the day, so though I know all of these well, they all seemed new again. In so many ways, the man was a child. Picasso chased that ideal. I don't think Matisse ever lost it.

Art Matters said...

Inspirational - my favourites are the interiors with nudes - fluid lines coupled with exotic decoration.

Casey Klahn said...

Hey, Sam! I think Matisse did it for the love of art.

Hi, Carol! I wonder what my favorites are? I am pretty excited by the Red Studio.

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