08 March, 2011

Kids Those Days

Our friend Adam Cope reminds us why drawing and painting one's children is something artists are fond of doing.  In a very well blogged report, he takes us through a chef's tour of some tender and poignant children's portraits.

I was happy to find his link to a blog titled ArtKids, Artistic depictions of children.


I remember best the one by Rembrandt that is a sanguine chalk sketch of two matrons and a toddler.  It's in the gaze of the child that this one comes alive.

Let me add these two reactions I had to this subject.  

Last night I watched an interview by Charlie Rose detailing an exhibition of Henri Matisse works, and one of the major works is this one of Pierre Matisse taking his piano lessons.  It has layers and layers of meaning, and I always enjoy studying this painting, which has to do with the First World War. It is interesting to note that Pierre is depicted as an adolescent, but when Matisse painted this, his son was serving as a soldier.

You know when you go to a Charlie Rose interview, you will be tied up for an hour, so be forewarned.

Secondly, I want you to see the work of Antti Rautiola, of Finland, whose subjects are children.


Brenda Boylan said...

Casey, what a wonderful post. When time permits, I will dig into this deeper. From the quick surfing I did of the links you shared makes me want to paint my own children more...before they are all grown up! Perhaps I"ll share some of my own sketches and paintings of my own 'personal models' on my blog. How about you?
Precious. Thanks.

Casey Klahn said...

Always exciting to have your comments, Brenda. I'll look at your children drawings when you post them - that'll be cool.

Me? Somewhere in there I do want to draw Amelia and Carson. It is funny with Amelia - she's developing her art talent, and as with all children, I guess, the parent can't tell them a thing. I have to show it all subtly.

She has her own spot in the studio.

William Cook said...

Neat topic, Casey. Thanks for introducing me to the work of Antti Rautiola. How special is the portrait of her boy, with the added color bars! That revision makes it a treasure. Wm

Cmichaudart said...

Tender feelings towards ones offspring must be one of the most universal feelings...and blessed are they who can share those feelings with the rest of the world through art (or music or photography or...). I look forward to digging into your referrals as well.

Casey Klahn said...

William - that is a keeper. I am thrilling at today's post of the little girl and lambs. The bands of color.

It is Adam's topic - he is inspirational in his family drawings.

Hi, Cindy there is uch to recommend this topic.

Sonya Johnson said...

I'm not a parent, and admittedly, not much of a kid person, either. Nonetheless, I enjoyed visiting the links and I am especially fond of Anitti's work - the recent painting of the little girl with the lambs is a touching and wonderfully done painting.

The paintings with children as the subjects that I personally find most engaging are those candid moments, where we the viewers are observing the subject being a kid - building sandcastles on the beach, hugging a favorite pet, in ballet class, etc. Far more interesting than the carefully staged commissioned portraits or painted copies of bland, similarly posed photographs that seem to make up the bulk of art with children. So, these were all quite refreshing!

loriann signori said...

Great post. Thanks for the introduction to Antti's work!

Unknown said...

Good topic, Casey! I like Mary Cassett's paintings that include children, and even John Singer Sargeant's (although I suspect he had disdain for children). At the same time, I'm not a big fan of child portraits as a whole mostly because they often look like copied photographs (at least, these days).

Adam Cope said...

Hi Casey.

Thanks for the mention :-)

I never really did kid portraits nor any portraits really at all before my kids arrived. More of a landscape painter ... but I did a lot of life drawing at art school, and a new interest in gesture drawing brought me back to the human figure. None of my kid drawings have evolved into 'finished ' pieces. They're just intimate drawings made for personal usuage. Not for sale & never yet exhibited. dangers of stepping outside of one's specialist genre? Well the drawings are there. Maybe one day my kids will enjoy them.

Often I'm scared to put these drawings online because of all the danger that children are exposed to.

Glad u looked into the matisse portraits of his son. Done from memory? I nearly put up the painted portrait of Paul. Fauve colourist portraits rule OK !

Create well my friend.

Casey Klahn said...

Adam, I read the bio of HM, and I feel the portrait of his son at the piano was probably done from references.

Casey Klahn said...

Sonya, Loriann and Kathy, thanks for the faithful reading and your input.

Celeste Bergin said...

great post, Casey--- I agree with Kathy, many portraits of children are disappointing....but I am familiar with Antti Routiola...HIS paintings of children are wonderful. Great post---lots to think about. I will check out the Charlie Rose link. I like him too!

Casey Klahn said...

I think it's very hard to paint/render children, and feeling, as Adam says, is the key.

Good reminder that the Finish name is of a man. I might have seen Antti's blog via yours, Celeste.

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