23 April, 2011

Easter Weekend Notes

Self Portrait as The Man of Sorrows
Graphite, 1522
408 x 290 mm
Albrecht Durer

Happy Easter!  

Easter week has been a contemplative time here in my studio.  The Matisse series has been, for me, a great exercise in writing and critique, and my essay on The Conversation will be published here at The Colorist after the holiday.  

As if I needed more things to take my mind off of the highest Christian holiday, and off of my painting, life rolls in and washes my time away.  Doctors appointments, turkey season, spring yard work, and my new iPhone, which Lorie gave me last night.  Still, in all, I did make time for two plein air pieces, which I hope to post here or at Pastel in the next couple of days.  

It was fun to find a new store, yesterday, in Spokane Valley named the Hobby Lobby.  It is like a cavernous Michaels, only cheaper.  I bought a few General pencils, a drawing board of Chinese make (I need drawing boards loaded with current projects and more of them than you'd think) and the best things were small Birch wood boxes and trays.  I currently keep my smallest pastel outdoor set in a cigar box that is tiny, but now have an even smaller one than that.  It makes me want to make some of my own boxes, but that urge will pass, I'm sure.

I am very happy to see Diane Mize posting at COMPOSE again.  Harry Bell has been blogging for 7 years.  Yes, you read that right: seven years.  His cityscapes are a lesson in composition in themselves.

More Notes:

Lots of big images by Durer - very nice collection.


irinapictures said...

Happy Easter, Casey!
Your blog is always so very interesting read (besides the amazing pastels, of course)).

Casey Klahn said...

Happy Easter, Irina!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Casey, how beautiful. Also I love Albrecht Dürer. A blessed Easter wishes you and yours family.
Elke (Germany, Rostock, Ostsee)

William Cook said...

And may you and yours also have a blessed and joyous Easter, Casey. Always enjoy your posts!

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Elke. Happy Easter to you and your family. I enjoyed my visit to your blog, and will visit again.

Casey Klahn said...

Happy Easter, Bill. My best wishes and prayers for you, your family and your studio

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Dianne Mize's blog "COMPOSE"! I clicked over and I am hooked.

Lovely video about Renaissance art and depictions of the crucified Christ. It is hard for me to fathom the environment of art making during that time. Not many knew how to read, nor had the means to purchase the rare books. These biblical stories were told in sermons and through passion plays and then in the imaginations of the artists.

Belated Easter blessings.

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Kvan. The early Christian art video in the sidebar examples many images that are wall reliefs and statuary. The earliest Christ images (I think about 3rd Century era) are the Christ Pantocrator fresco images, which are like icons. I read one blogger recently who had it that the disciples made drawings of Christ, which is way off the mark.

There is another set of these videos of Medieval Christian art, BTW.

Easter blessings.

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