10 April, 2011

Goodbye, Hedda

Artist Hedda Sterne passed away last week at the age of 100.

She was the one woman in that famous photograph of "The Irascibles," taken in New York in 1950.  Remember her, standing on the table (not a chair) in the back of the room? That was the coming of age year for American artists.

Goodbye, Hedda.  You were one lady who stood tall.

"Nobody tried to influence me, I just worked."  Quote HS.


I found out through Debu Barve.
Hedda Sterne: The last of ‘The Irascibles.’


The Wikipedia article on HS is a good one.

Blogger input. Nancy Natale.

TNYRB, Sarah Boxer.

Photo: Phtotbucket/themissinggrib.


Celeste Bergin said...

great links! Thanks for sharing this. What a wonderful woman and artist!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Celeste. What I learned from reading these is HS was one independent soul. She strove to make art for her own self, and avoided the mainstream as much as she possibly could (except that she was in NYC).

I give her credit.

SamArtDog said...

Thanks for giving Hedda her due. Signing the protest while maintaining her independance was a fine example of her strength.

Casey Klahn said...

Nice to turn on the computer, and there is your comment, Sam. I sure appreciate your readership.

HS did say something @ that photo being her legacy, but I think time will flesh that out. She will be bigger than just an Irascible.

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