14 May, 2011

Apple In The Rough

Apple Process
@9" x  10.5"
Casey Klahn

Here is a fun example of some process work.  It is a process example two-fer, since the still life genre is a practical exercise, and here you see my color and parameter marks as well.  With the exception of some problems with anchoring the apple, I was happy with the outcome of this pastel work.

On a Blogger note, I am posting daily for a month since the 3rd., except that my May 11th. post is still missing.  Maybe all my paintings look alike to the Blogger engineers...

Here is what I retrieved from Facebook of Wednesday's post:

Note:  I posted a cool YouTube music video with it, and stumped my panel of commenters with a fun question about it. Unfortunately, those comments and the video don't show. 

The River In Golden Light

Waning Light
9" x 12"
Casey Klahn

Yesterday's post: Do You Mind?  Art & the life of the mind.


Longtime readers of The Colorist remember videos posted with river images. Can you guess what this next song has to do with the river?


Casey Klahn said...

I just posted the problem to help forum - we'll see what happens now.

Carolyn said...

If you subscribe to your blog in Google Reader, it will save a copy of the post even if it has been deleted. Then you can copy/paste it back in. I have seen some people use this method to republish old posts in between backups.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Carolyn! I cut this from Facebook, but it isn't complete.

I did find Google Reader via my new iPhone, but haven't looked at it on my PC. Hmm.

Casey Klahn said...

OK, I just found it on GR and the video shows up, but no comments, of course.

Sonya Johnson said...

Nice apple study there, Casey. Even though the subject matter is a departure from your usual landscapes, it has your style written all over it.

Carolyn - thanks for posting that tip about GR as a way to backup one's blog.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Sonya!

Mindful Drawing said...

I like that colourful apple; it is actually too pretty and colourful to sink your teeth in.
I also like the try-out colours sidebar. It resembles Asian ink-paintings with vertical text.

Casey Klahn said...

Paula, another fellow (of Chinese lineage) who visited my studio last week said he saw Asian influence in my work. He was right, of course, and I think it is because I grew up here on the Pacific Rim. BTW, I hope to introduce you to his art soon - you'll be thrilled by his work.

Pastel is a medium like sugar is a food. Way over the top yummy. Why add too much flour? I like the sugar part.

Of course, the struggle is to confect something edible, and we walk a tightrope.

Sara Mathewson said...

i love this one Casey!

The light in it is so beautiful.
I am such a big fan of you and yor paintings!

Sara Mathewson said...

I also love the apple Casey. so many colors in it just bring it to life!

Your pastels are so fresh and do show the essence of the subject. I really like that. and the colors you use for your different subjects are so wonderful. It is such a pleasure to open up my email and see a new pastel by you:)

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you very kindly, Sara.

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