12 May, 2011

Golden Sky Triple Play

Pink Haze River
9.25" x 13.5"
Casey Klahn

Some of the newer readers haven't seen this one, and with apologies to my long time readers, I post this river image just because it has the yellow sky theme.   

Here is some Studio News.  Pour a cup of hot whatever and put up your feet.

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This is day 9 of my "month of daily posting."  Will I make it all the way to thirty days without posting the Ultimate Dog Tease viral video?  I'm feeling strong enough to make it, but I may resort to a re-post or two along the way.

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The studio is so clean, I hope to actually get Lorie out there to take photos of the 69-70 new works that are sitting in flat files.  We'll get the pics, but then later on this man, who looks a lot like Jack Nicholson, will visit the studio.  He'll carry an ax, and he will cut out maybe half of the works that I, at first, deemed good enough.  It won't be pretty.

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This framing will happen soon, since the first art fair is June 3-5th., in Spokane.  It is great to have a close show to work out the bugs on my set-up.  If I forget anything, I will be home that night to be able to retrieve it.  I haven't done the Spokane ArtFest in 3 years, I think, so that will be interesting to see if anyone remembers me.

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Loriann recently mentioned re-using frames, and that gave me the push to try to find some first quality black frames to reuse.  The way I am making it work is to tape a note on the frame, make the artwork, then also name the work, and tape the name to the target frame.  Studio organization is the key.


Sara Mathewson said...

i love this painting Casey! how many Art fairs do you usually do in the summer? And, is this where you get most of your annual income? Just curious as I haven't done any art fairs yet but have thought about it.

Take care,

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Sara!

In the first years, I managed to do 7-9. Then, I got it down to 4-5, and now I pretty much do 1 a year. Actually, last year I did 2 and this year I'll do 2. I guess it was only 1 once, if that makes sense.

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