05 June, 2011

ArtFest Behind; Workshop Ahead

Thank you to the friends who stopped by to see me at the ArtFest.  It was interesting, and very enjoyable, to meet readers of The Colorist whom I've not met before (and who don't show up on Statcounter at all!)

Next weekend I'll be in the Portland area teaching a pastel workshop.  It looks like we are entering the busy time of year.


Jala Pfaff said...

Wish I could be there.

Brenda Boylan said...

Where in Portland will you Casey?
Would love to meet you in the flesh!

Casey Klahn said...

Someday we'll have a workshop in Denver/Boulder, Jala.

Hi, Brenda! I'll be in Battleground, and I wonder how that would work? The studio is small, and so my group size is set in stone. One of these times we'll meet up - I love to meet blogger artists!

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