10 August, 2011

John Salmon Reports on London

John Salmon.

h/t Maggie.


Anonymous said...

Casey, thank you for posting John's slideshow and soundtrack. It is a chilling piece…and I’m glad that readers of your blog will be able to view it and get a better understanding of how bad it really is in the large cities in the UK at the moment.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Its like watching a war zone unfold before my eyes. I still cannot believe that so called 'civilized' society can behave like this. There is no excuse, no punishment strong enough to make amends.

I lived in London in the 70s and 80s and there were riots there then too. The Brixton riots I remember vividly and the terror, crime and death that went along with them. This is 100 times worse.

Casey Klahn said...

I am following with interest the UK police efforts now to match IDs of rioters caught on film or talking on social sites.

We live in weird times.

Stay safe all my friends and family in London.

vanderleun said...

Moving, but less sorrow and more outrage. Otherwise it will be tears at bedtime for a long, long time.

Casey Klahn said...

Yeah, Gerard, I'm outraged. But I don't live there.

I've been waiting for our current troubles to start to match the sixties and seventies, just as a way of comparing the times I've lived through. The riots then in Detroit, D.C., LA and elsewhere were extreme. Now, we have this.

Making A Mark said...

I've lived in London for a very long time.

I helped to complete the Riot Damages Act Grant claim for the Southall riots when I worked at the LB Ealing. (Interestingly one of the reasons that the police are liable for riot damages is because they are deemed to have allowed it to happen! There will be quite a few people agreeing with that notion!)

My neighbour and friend died as a result as a result of the Brixton riots - David Hodge was a professional photographer, got hit over the head while photographing the riots for a newspaper, didn't have a hard hat on and died of his injuries

Any way you measure them, these riots have been by far the worst in my time living in London

Also from a personal perspective, they also feel the worst given they stopped a 10 minute walk from my front door. I was terrified on Monday night.

It's now imperative that actions are taken to prevent anything like this ever happening again - and that those who were affected by the riots are listened to.

Casey Klahn said...

Stay safe, Katherine. My first cousin and her family live a bit north of London, and I watch the news to see what's happening.

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