09 September, 2011

Sausalito Report

Sausalito is over and I am back home, now.  This was my best year to date, even given the worst economy.  I had to work twice as hard, and "show up to market," which means I had to have the right mix of works to offer.

I will be returning to the Bay Area in early November to teach a workshop.  More on that soon.

One popular event in my booth was a "Flat File Sale."  That is, I sold loose and unframed artworks, both pastels and drawings, at set prices and at make-a-bid prices.  Would you like to participate in that here at The Colorist?  Maybe I can film the file drawers and contents and the bidding can begin.  Just an idea for now, but you could own a Casey Klahn for less if you don't mind doing the framing later.


Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

Yes! I want to participate in flat file sale! I am loving my matted and framed "Fauvist Forest". What a gorgeous work of art!

Casey Klahn said...

Too bad I didn't break out the flat file when I was in Portland. I'll work on the sale to see how best to do it.

Sarah, thanks again for the hospitality and for your patronage!

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