19 October, 2011

Bill Me Now - de Kooning Retrospective


Artist Willem de Kooning's legacy is currently on display in a milestone exhibition of his works rendered over seven decades.  de Kooning, a Retrospective, is open at the Museum of Modern Art from September 18, 2011 through January 9, 2012.

Dutch-born de Kooning emigrated to America in 1926 the way he felt he had to, via stowing away on a merchant ship.  Inhabiting the kind of artist's flats in Manhattan that are part and parcel of the great romantic 20th Century American art story, the young de Kooning labored over his canvases.  The results are now part of the art history canon, and yet for me personally, WdK's art challenges me to struggle.  How can I leave well enough alone when there is more to say?

"Ambiguity prevails in an art and in an age where nothing is certain but self-consciousness." Willem DeKooning.

Shaping de Kooning's Legacy

MoMA Exhibit

New Yorker, Fresh Paint.

Shifting Picture.

Smithsonian Magazine - Willem de Kooning Still Dazzles.



Linda Roth said...

Willem DeKooning is my ultimate hero. I envy the vigor of his paintings. I am currently promoting a trip to the show at the MOMA to energize my creative spirit. Did you go? Right after New Years would be my preference--towards the end when more time can be spent looking at his paintings up close.

Casey Klahn said...

No, I haven't been to it, Linda. I did see Woman 1 at MoMA in 2006.

You must have read his biography, An American Master - I was definitely enriched by that.


Casey Klahn said...
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Sharon said...

Monumental. What a feast. Thank you.

Celeste Bergin said...

fantastic links Casey...wow! I can always count on you to come up with the BEST STUFF!

Casey Klahn said...

Sharon and Celeste - glad you are reading. Sharon - that's a good word: monumental.

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