24 October, 2011

The Prairie in High Country

High Country Prairie
6" x 19.5"
Casey Klahn

This is the companion to yesterday's picture.


SamArtDog said...

Mmmmm... could look at these for a long time. Or at least all the time I'm not lost in the De Kooning links you've posted. If I had lots (of time), I'd curl up with your posts like some people do with The Times. Oh yeah... I do.

Casey Klahn said...

I am happy that you do, SamArtDog.

As a matter of fact, I am studying from The Colorist for my upcoming class. I noticed that The Colorist has a little over a thousand posts, now.

juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

Your paintings are very, very good. I find they move me into peaceful places of contemplation.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Julie. It is nice to discover your blog, Art Talk.

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