26 November, 2011

Medium-Size Works in Black Frames

Pastel & Charcoal
7" x 9.2"
Casey Klahn

Today I will begin posting medium-size pastel works.  The past few posts were large works that are available for purchase.  This sale will end by the 29th., because many of the pastels will be on exhibit in Spokane.  Actually, wait a minute.  Probably only half of my inventory will be there, so I will re-tool and update so you can still shop here.  Thanks!


SamArtDog said...

Like other commenters, I also think it's great seeing these in the black frames. I've also noticed that these framed pieces show more of the paintings and that the colors are richer. Are they?

Casey Klahn said...

I just looked at the real work and the two images in this post. The whole optics thing is at work. The CRT is pushing light from behind, and so it is other-worldly colorful see this way.

I do feel that the black frame amplifies the colors, as does the white, wide mat. Like a color cannon, as it were. BAM!

Sorry if this is too technical.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for looking so closely, Sam. There is a strange and wonderful alchemy of color richness that happens when you push the colors to their limits. I used to enjoy standing at the cliff's edge when I was younger.

billspaintingmn said...

Hi Casey! I've found your blog trough Celeste Bergins blog.

I like your art, your use of color
is a world in itself.

Black & white frames are nice. They are also safe.

I would comment that a gilded frame with a particular 'look' could do so much more.(my opinion)

I'm starting a blog for my gilding. The headboard on my blog Superior Gilding shows many of the different 'looks' I can achieve in gold.

I don't want/mean to solicit, I'm just saying!

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