21 November, 2011

Pre-Sale of New Works, Bids Accepted

 Neutral Corner
5" x 5.5"
Casey Klahn

This pastel is now ready for the pre-sale of new works.  By December, these will be on exhibit in Spokane, and no longer available here.  I will post more works soon.

Bids will begin at $165.00 plus $20 US Shipping.  Tax will be added.  Just e-mail - refer to my sales page here at The Colorist for the address, and enter the subject line "Neutral Corner" and offer your bid. The bidding will close Monday, 28 Nov.  The winning bid amount only will be announced.

As I continue to frame, post, and offer new images, there will be a mix of offers.  Some will be available unframed, some framed and available by auction, and there will be some available to "buy now," as priced.

1 comment:

Adam Cope said...

Lovely piece of work Casey, ^particularly like the power of the small shape in the 'birdhole' in the bush.

harmony of colours :-)

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