17 December, 2011

Green Tree

Green Tree
6" x 4"
Casey Klahn

$150, unframed


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I love the neutral colors with the bright, bold colors providing accents. Really beautiful!!

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Kvan. This is the demo I did in Oakland. Resolved in the studio this morning, and this is the iPhone image of it.

Celeste Bergin said...

your iphone does a good job---it is luscious!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, C. The secret is to have some north daylight and the tracks (warm and cool both), And, I guess the big format helps - but it does nicely when in a hurry.

Johnnny said...

Sitting neath a big green tree
Sipping cup of hot green tea
Warm cool tracks to north daylight
Nicely resolve into neutral night.

Casey Klahn said...

Always love a verse, Johnnny - thank you. Stay warm this Christmas.

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