06 December, 2011

New School Color

There are enough inquiries about potential workshops that I need to re-tool my studio and, at least for this week, give more focus to the desktops than the easels.  I have to buff up my workshop lesson plans, and create some flyers and press releases to give you a better idea of what I will be doing.  Preview:  I will be offering a workshop soon in New Jersey, and there is talk of teaching a workshop in Germany.  I may also be doing one in eastern Canada, but the scheduling on all of these is not established.

Looks like this workshop thing is catching fire, and maybe one will be coming to your area in the near future.

Workshop page.


kat said...

I love this piece. She looks like she's anticipating a bravura night at the ballet

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks much, Kat.

I am clam happy that I just acquired a book of Degas ballerinas-drawings.

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

Hey! Don't forget about Portland!

Casey Klahn said...

I won't!

Sarah may've found me a studio big enough for workshops, and I do expect to announce one in Portland next year.

Many thanks, Sarah!

Cmichaudart said...

love this dancer and am thrilled the workshop gig is catching fire...hope someday to find you in sunny florida!!

Casey Klahn said...

It would be great to do a workshop in Florida - one of my favorite places.

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