21 February, 2012

Vlog Series


Two entries in the educational series at Pastel Workshop (blog) are illustrated with  my videos. Those are:  Elements & Dynamics of Design, which illustrates the elements of art using sample paintings, and Value Scale Simplicity, which takes a gray scale approach to simplifying and unifying your work.  The subject of simple value compositions will be expanded upon in the next post at the Pastel Workshop blog.

The whole series is presented an element at a time.  I am almost through with the basic elements, and will be ticking off the dynamics of design next.

This series of lessons is provided as prep work for my workshop students.  When I critique or teach, these lessons provide prerequisite knowledge of art terms so we can more quickly get to the task of making new art. 


Casey Klahn said...

Reader Linda B writes the following:

That you do this work and formulate these lessons for the benefit of those taking your workshop(s) is amazing. You truly are dedicated to those who come to you to learn from you. I am certain this will be their best workshop experience.
linda b

Laura K. Aiken said...

Enjoyed Casey. I just get lost in your abstracts no matter how many times I view them.


Casey Klahn said...

Thanks to Linda and Laura.

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