27 February, 2012

Skyline River Trees

Skyline River Trees
Casey Klahn


Jo Murray said...

I love this format. The image is subtle and beautiful.

Linda Roth said...

I am so in favor of not using this new WV thing. It is just too annoying. It's a shame we can't just send such spam to ban sender as with e-mail. Anyway. I really like this panoramic "abstract" view of the horizon. Nice idea.

Casey Klahn said...

Uh. Here is a new format? Thanks, blogger.

Anyway - thanks for looking here and comments, Jo and Linda. I agree, too, Linda - it would be fun to have some place to post the spam and let it stew there.

Dan Kent said...

Absolutely beautiful - I love the transition from the yellow-greens to the red-blues.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Dan!

Johnnny said...

hi casey, i love that strip of brighter sky along the horizon. is this a new one? you must be feeling better. we have a major winter storm just about to hit north dakota. i am going to have to do some shovelling tonight and tomorrow. thanks, johnnny

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Johnnny! Have fun with the snow.

I am better, thanks. Yesterday I had a long studio day - very nice.

This is an image that is from last summer, but I never posted it - from the stack of forgotten stuff, I guess.

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