09 February, 2012

Workshop Basics

Need an introduction to art basics or just a refresher ?  For the benefit of my workshop students, I am creating some videos and posts at my blog, Pastel Workshop.  When I do critiques, these are the formal elements of art that are referenced.  


More to come.


Johnnny said...

Howzitgoin? Just making coffee on a Sunday morn. How about this phrase: Pigment of your imagination? (the coffee is not finished yet, as you can tell.) Workshop Basics: 1. build your workshop 2. fill with pastel spectrum 3. let art flow. 4. name each one 5. alphabetize.

Casey Klahn said...

I like the simplicity.

One lump or two in your coffee?

Johnnny said...

1. Johnnny likes to start simple and then add to it.
2. Johnnny likes some chocolate milk in his coffee. I call it the poor man's cafe mocha.
3. How about this one: The present and future of pastels?

Casey Klahn said...

In Naples, they would shoot you for doing that to your coffee. I find it hilarious, though.

Good title. I will steal it soon.

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