05 March, 2012

Abstraction Fraction

Dog, detail #1
@8" x 15"
Casey Klahn

I found an old full-sheet abstract work in the bottom of a flat file drawer, and I am enthused about it!  I started playing around with the photo of it on Photoshop, and then decided that cutting it up into pieces would provide better stability within each individual part.  It is a decent pastel as is, but can be more fun broken apart and readdressed. Will I add more marks, or leave each piece as is?  Another possibility might be to run a single print, and then see what the pieces might yield.

What are your thoughts?


Linda Roth said...

I like the linear trickles (drips) of red falling into the grayed plum (?) area. My first impulse was "wrinkle" the dark gray/plum section with faint diagonal drips-- gently stopping the reds from running down off the page. They have to fade out to avoid having to add another element at the point of intersection.
But after all that. I have a thing about breaking up planes. Good color, Colorist.

Casey Klahn said...

I like that analysis, Linda. Thanks. I might simply turn it upside down to provide the same solution.

I kind of feel they enter the page, even though from the right bottom, and it might be so given the size of the red marks, there. Hmmmn. Very much fun, already!

SamArtDog said...

The dog likes all that black, which is so red to us. Maybe we'll post his rainbow. In the meantime, he wants to see the whole abstraction, cuz he doesn't do fractions. He also thinks WV is a stupid human trick.
Good dog.

Casey Klahn said...

What is WV?

Will post the whole painting, since you asked, Sam!

Sara Mathewson said...

WV is the word verification program.

i love the red, but I too would love to see it upside down and the whole thing. did you cut it before taking a pic of the whole thing? did you used to work large Casey? what kind of paper is it on?

i do love the colors in this.

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Sara.

DOH! WV - of course!

I have a number of large and medium large works in my studio, but no real exhibition opportunities. I am working small in this sort of off season. Will be going big again soon, as I just got a resupply of full sheet La Carte.

Also, I am just about out of "failed" works to redo!!

The painting here is a full sheet of Rives BFK, @ 26 x 30 or something like that. I will post the full image. I haven't cut it, yet. Just on photoshop.

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