08 March, 2012

Dusk From The Studio Window

Dusk Studio View 
4" x 10"
Casey Klahn

When I paint the view out my studio window, do I get credit for that as a plein air piece?  Just kidding.


Noblesse Key said...

what a view

Casey Klahn said...

It is a rich blessing, Noblesse. Especially for a landscape artist! Thanks for the comment!

SamArtDog said...

Answer: yes. Having all supplies and comfort at hand do not disqualify you.

Dusk and dawn are those sweet spots parenthesizing a nocturne. They provide a unique set of values. Just ask Loriann.

Casey Klahn said...

Good points!

Anonymous said...

If you open a window what's the difference? (evil grin!) What a moving, spiritual depiction of your view.


Casey Klahn said...

The wind.

Good to see your comments, Nanina!

Johnnny said...

it almost looks like an impressionistic painting of an impressionistic painting. double impressionism. impressionism twice removed. nice work. thanks, johnnny

Sara Mathewson said...


It's painting a landscape from life. I count it as a sort of plein air. I did a series of sunsets from outside my window when I lived in a different house. from my window(sliding glass doors 2nd story bedroom) I had a beautiful view of the sacred Baboquivari mountains. this mountain is sacred to the Tohono O'dham Native american tribe that live down here. there is something very spiritual about this mountain even though I have never been on the mountain. just looking at it from afar for me is very inspiring and I love sunsets and was experimenting. Anyway, I was way too sick to do plein air painting but I was paintng from life so i counted it except i was in the comfort of my own home and sometimes a painting would take a few days to finish because I could only do so much at a time. But, it was a great experience. i may not have been outside in the elements but hey if you have a good view like you do I say take advantage of it! Tony Allain often does paintings from his studio window!

this is beautiful. i love the ones that you have been posting on FB and I must have missed reading your blog a couple of nights. i'm also really liking your abstract fraction paintings. Very cool. different colors than you have been using recently.

Casey Klahn said...

Johnnny: "impressionism twice removed." You are catching on!

Sara, I'm glad this evokes a place so special for you. If not the image, then the experience. Thanks for comments!

Anonymous said...

Did you have the window open? ;-)

Casey Klahn said...

Joni: that's a good question!

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