10 March, 2012

Take It Out Back

Behind The Garage
9.5" x 13"
Charcoal, Graphite, Chalk, Pastel
Casey Klahn

This garage drawing will be a book cover in the not-too-distant future.  

Oh Canada!  Come June 2nd and 3rd, I will be bringing my workshop to Cambridge, Ontario at the Pastel Studio store.  The Pastel Studio of Canada is a tremendous place to resource everything from Roche and Diane Townsend pastels to Wallis and Colourfix surfaces.  Contact or phone here.  Two days, $250 Canadian.

Ken Elliot is teaching a one day workshop in Parker, CO.  Painting strategies, and succeeding as an artist.  This will be a rewarding Denver area workshop from a colorist artist!

My Denver Area Workshop:  One more space!

Studio.  Do you use a projector in your studio?  I have had these old school opaque, and reflecting projectors in the past.  This year, I have stepped up to a digital LED projector, and also an LED flat light pad.  The high tech. light pad was a help for me in transferring the garage image from its original, plein air drawing to what would be a finished mixed media piece.


Sonya Johnson said...

I love the loose, sketchy quality to this painting/drawing - looks more like a drawing to me, but I wouldn't argue if you said otherwise.

This post is so timely; not but a short time ago, I was looking out my window and suddenly finding appeal in painting one of the houses across the street; now I'm even more inspired to make that happen.

Projector? None for me.

Casey Klahn said...

I would say drawing is more correct because it acts like one: values and ideas and mood seem like drawing to me.

I was projecting some Degas works large last night with the new projector just to look at. It was more exciting times ten than looking at the laptop screen. Talk about inspirational! I Love studio tools.

Jane said...

Love the soft colors in this piece, gives me a feeling of something from a long time ago :-)

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Jane. It is a pleasure to have you reading from Milan.

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