31 March, 2012

Workshops Update

Casey Klahn

There is a video in production with segments of my workshop demo and lectures at Morristown, NJ.  The editor is dragging his heels, but when it is "in the can" it promises to be a fine example of what and how I teach at my workshops.  Please stay tuned! 

My next few workshops are as follows:

Denver area, May 19-20. Full.
Cambridge, Canada, June 2,3. Space Limited. Contact Edward.
Seattle area, Bainbridge Island at Bloedel Reserve (gardens).  This is the premier spot in the NW for outdoor beauty.  Did I mention that it is extra beautiful?  August 4,5.  Website for Winslow Art Center.  Space Limited.
All of my previous workshops have been filled, so do not delay if you want to participate in one of these scheduled workshops.

My blog, Pastel, has been reflagged as Pastel Workshop, and now supports my workshops and has become a pastel instruction blog.  My goals are to be concise and thorough in my topics.  Currently, we are studying the Elements of Art and The Dynamics of Design.  The blog is supported by short instructional videos.

Special to readers of The Colorist:  There has been a request for me to teach online, and I am working on a new blog format online workshop: Online Intensive Critique.  It will be a 3-week small group and one-on-one painting workshop.  If you are interested, respond via e-mail or in my comments here. Schedule TBA.

Workshops Page.

Photo Credit: Linda Richichi.

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