12 April, 2012

The Scribbler Article

"Authority is as uncommon now as it ever was."

Authenticity & Your Art

Here is an outtake from my article in The Scribbler, the newsletter for the Pastel Guild of Europe.  Is there authority in art?

  Authentic art is the sacring bell of the artist's experience. If you are able to say something new with your pastels, people will beat a path to your studio door.

  Developing authority as a pastelist is achieved by creating authentic artwork that is singular and unique. Authority is as uncommon now as it ever was. I once lunched with the archaeologist, Donald J. Wiseman; the man who excavated ancient Babylon! There at table with me was a living footnote; a true authority in his field.

  One forgotten meaning of the word authentic is: authoritative. That is where my focus lies. An artist who has the merit of authority creates unimpeachable work. Remember, you are the first-person authority on your own ideas.


Dan Kent said...

I read your article - its inspiring really to know know the answer is indeed within us. Your pictures that accompany the article are phenomenal and well illustrate the point as your art is unique and authentic. Don't let that bit of praise get to your head or change you..

jafabrit said...

Really enjoyed reading your article,nicely written with some great points to consider or be reminded of.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Dan. I will heed your good advice.

Thanks, Corrine. I'm happy you read it!

Bonnie Church said...

wisdom that applies to every creative endeavor. well said.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you for reading it, Bonnie.

loriann signori said...

You definitely say something new and very unique with your pastels!Bravo!

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