23 May, 2012

Demo in Denver

I Demo in Denver

At the last minute while packing for the trip to Denver, my new grays arrived on the doorstep: Thunderstorm grays and a set of gray Diane Townsend Terrages!  I didn't really need them, but I opened up my luggage and crammed them in - I wanted the "jazz" that comes with getting really yummitudinous sticks.  I felt that energy going into my demos, and really had fun making three pictures for the class.  This big violet one sold, but I was the most jazzed by another one that depicted the urban energy of Denver metro.

Denver Metro on the easel
@ 7" x 9"
Casey Klahn


Brenda Boylan said...

It's funny how we get excited about a box of dusty sticks, eh? Love the Denver Metro piece.

Casey Klahn said...

But, what great sticks they are! Thanks, Brenda.

Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

It is like Christmas and Easter at the same time to get new sticks.
And I love the word jummitudinous! LOL

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