26 May, 2012

Memorial Day

It was a tremendous honor to participate in creating this memorial at Ft Logan Cemetery, Denver. This is dedicated to the men of the Tenth Mountain Division (including my dad) who fought in WW II. I was privileged to render the climber and the mountains seen in the granite and the marble faces of the stone. Presented in 2009, it is a place to honor our fathers who had the task of seizing one island in the Aleutian chain, and countless mountain redoubts in north Italy. My dad remembered that the German bunkers were also cast into granite mountains; the major ones had walls 200 feet thick!

Photo: Ken Elliott.


Linda Roth said...

A wonderful memorial Casey. It must have been such a honor for you to create and a touching moment when it was installed.

SippicanCottage said...


Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

Gifts all around--your rendering, the committee's acceptance of it, and the efforts, sacfifices and accomplishments of our service personnel.

Casey Klahn said...

Linda - it is a lifetime memory for me. Very humbling.

Gregory: Your dad was a hero, and you know the feelings that go with these memories. They never asked for anything.

Sarah, thanks for reading and commenting. Many 10th fellows were in Portland.

Johnnny said...

hi casey: as usual, most excellent work. really like it. my mother died on memorial day 1994. thanks, johnnny

remember the ones you loved
remember the ones that loved you
as they look down from above
up there in the sky blue

Jean Spitzer said...

Lovely tribute.

Unknown said...

Thank You Casey
Hope to visit the cemetery in Fort Logan and see this tribute in person - someday.
We met on Return to Italy 2006.
Best regards
Karen Woodard
Aspen, Colorado

Donna T said...

What an honor to have your artwork included in that memorial, Casey! We should all remember that freedom isn't free, especially today. (My sons are US Marines.)

Casey Klahn said...

Johnnny, Jean, Karen and Donna: thanks for taking the time to comment. Karen, I remember you showed me your father's journal - I very much appreciate your commenting here on blogger.

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