07 May, 2012

Re-imagined Plein Air

Forest Interior
@5" x 5"
Casey Klahn


Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

So beautiful!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Karin.

Jean Spitzer said...

This is compelling. Lovely.

stonecarver said...

Hello Mr. Klahn,

I have been trying for a long time to paint forest interiors, with little luck, and I usually wash off the pastel and begin again. I hope you don't mind if I attempt to copy Interior Forest--it's so lovely. I assure you that you have no competition from me!

Ann Isaac
Beginning Pastelist in Union, Washington

SamArtDog said...

Could this be my favorite Klahn?...
Or was it the last one?...
And many more yesses before.

Cmichaudart said...

Five stars...at least!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the nice compliments, Cindy, Sam, Ann and Jean.

Ann Isaac: you have my blessings.

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