02 June, 2012

At The Pastel Studio of Canada

Large workshop space!

I am pleased and proud to be teaching at Canada's exclusive purveyor of high-end pastel materials, The Pastel Studio of Canada, in Cambridge, ON.  You will find Diane Townsend and Roche open stocks and sets, just to mention two of the brands carried.

Yesterday I set up the space for my workshop, and took a short break to walk around beautiful, old Cambridge and Galt, with its Scottish stone-mason built structures and the river.  Of course it rained like mad, and yet I took an old fold of paper and a pencil and did up some proper sketches as references to paint.  Back in the studio, with the proprietor Edward, I created a pastel scene of Galt in the Rain.

Galt in the Rain
@8" x 10"
Pastel on Lava Grit, Mounted
Casey Klahn


Casey Klahn said...

"open stock." Sorry.

Debora L Stewart said...

Thanks for posting the images. Looking forward to discovering some new materials. It looks like a beautiful place. Have a great workshop!

Jean Spitzer said...

Lucky; seems like a pastel artist's candy store.

Beautiful pastel.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Welcome to Canada. Despite the rain, I'm glad you're enjoying your workshop there.

Casey Klahn said...

Debora, they are looking forward to seeing you!

Jean, thanks and it is a special place on earth.

Jeanette, I appreciate it, and yet I know you live about a thousand miles away from there, too. Maybe not quite, but as good as.

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