10 July, 2012

Hopper, with Mood Music

The work of the American artist Edward Hopper is so moody and evocative, that more than a few amateur videographers have tried to distill his images with a track.  Which one of the following works best for you?

Yes, a sublime waste of time.  But, you get to soak up some great Hopper while doing it.

Edward Hopper to Claude Debussy

or Benny Goodman
(and Edward Hirsch)

try Eric Satie

and finally, Mr. Tom Waits at Closing Time.

Video attributions embedded in videos.

Hopper was so tied into his subjects that when he outlived them, his output died, too.  Don't be sad about that - stand up and cheer for what he gave us when he did.


Dan Kent said...

Well, I truly enjoyed these. Love the Debussy version, and the Hirsch poem, and finally, though I am a jazz fan, and though I know of the Jacques Loussier Trio, I didn't know about Eric Satie - fabulous music.

Of course, Edward Hopper's art is magnificent!

Dan Kent said...

Correction: I knew Satie's music - didn't recognize it in the jazz form! lol.

Nancy Poucher said...

Sublime, yes! Waste of time, no.
Tom Waits & Hopper does the trick for me. Thanks for the post!

William Cook said...

Thanks. My four favorites. Great interlude. I don't think Hopper goes with Sing Sing Sing at all. The Tom Waits is quite a nice surprise. Debussy goes with everything. I'm not sure about the jazzed up Satie, although it does project some of that Hopper melancholy and distance.

Casey Klahn said...

I get a C- for listening skills. I never noticed the background jazz sent to Satie. I agree with you on that, Dan and Bill. I think a real Satie track would work w EW, though.

Nancy, I think Waits might be my choice, too. By a sliver over Claude.

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