07 July, 2012

In The Summertime

 High Branches
@8" x 10"
Pastel & Charcoal
Casey Klahn

Excuse me for having nice weather, while I know many of you are suffering under extreme heat.  I count my blessings. 

I made an extra effort to work on my plein air at the lake this year.  

I'll try to photograph the handful of pastels I completed over the holiday, and post them here, soon.  Happy vacations, everyone.

Bob Dylan has something to say about summertime, too.


Dan Kent said...

Very beautiful. I both like the simplicity of it, and your superb choice of colors.

Celeste Bergin said...

agree with Dan...it is a haiku!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Dan. I appreciate your comments!

Celeste: I always wanted to write poetry, and especially Haiku. Many thanks!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Looks like you created a nice shady spot for your painting, You've painted the essence of the trees -- a zen painting! Lovely.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Kvan! My in-laws' cabin at Deer Lake is a great retreat.

Jean Spitzer said...

Enjoy the weather--it's a gift.

This is beautiful.

Casey Klahn said...

Yes! And thanks, Jean.

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