12 July, 2012

Modigliani - Love, Nonsense & Life

Modigliani, not looking well, 1919.

Amedeo Modigliani (July 12, 1884 – January 24, 1920) has been the subject of a couple of feature movies.  Mostly, they cover his love life, which lacked no drama.  I take that back - the more recent flick is also very much about the artistic process.  Critics and the public hate it, but I loved it.  The metaphor of his grand premier compared to a bloody mugging in the snow is rich, and I liked the way he consulted his boyhood self from time to time.  

Watching the 1958 film, Les Amants de Montparnasse, in French, is a nonsensical treat for me, since I don't understand the language.  

Happy Birthday, Modi.  

Here is a You Tube of his paintings streamed to some music with an Italian title about love's consequences.  I like to watch these with the digital projector on the big screen.  Maybe some of his great style and visual grace will rub off on me.


Laura K. Aiken said...

Casey you are a man after my own heart. I adore Modi too. I have been trying to find the right film to add to my blogsite as well. Funny isn't it? I am one of very few that like the latest film with Andy Garcia..(swoooooon)I think I will just go ahead and stay up with you on this one!! teehee. I will add a clip from that movie. :)
But before I do that I will watch your films.

Casey Klahn said...

I'm glad you commiserate on the movie, Laura! We're into two Netflix movies that have to finished, but then I am going to look for the 1958 one to see all the way through. The one scene in the classroom is copied in the latter movie, I noticed.

The movies I am watching now are The Pianist (Brody) and The Mill and The Cross. A report will follow on that one - it is great.

Laura K. Aiken said...

OH, I will check those out too, Casey! Thanks.

Dan Kent said...

I have a dog-eared book of Modigliani paintings. I have been lucky enough to see and original at Art Basel down here two years in a row, a double portrait by Modigliani - it is magnificent. What's great about the first video is there are many more paintings I haven't seen. I think the geometry of his backgrounds are amazing, and love how he elongates even the hands.

Loved the classroom scene - I wanted to see his drawing of her!

Casey Klahn said...

If I find the full movie, I will link it here, Dan.

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