28 September, 2012

Cameron Hampton

Southern Cuisine
9" x 11"
Cameron Hampton 

Miss Cameron of  Greensboro, Georgia.

There is never any doubt that Cameron Hampton's art is looking for the edge in your mind.  Whether via her graphic novels about the Jack the Ripper murders, or her many other works on subjects from the state fair at night, to mixed media animal sculptures, to corpulent female figures, to car chases in the rain. You will learn that everything she brings to her artistic endeavors is meant to take you to a place you've never been to and make you not, well, not comfortable!

The Altered series of graphic novels takes you to the nineteenth century streets of Whitechapel, London and the era of Jack the Ripper.  Altered.  Blog of progress on the second volume, a-l-t-e-r-e-d.

Cameron says the following about Altered:

My aim is to describe the living conditions of the East Enders in London in that particular era, to understand the desperation of the people and the ladies who were to become victimized by Jack the Ripper and subsequently by gawkers, hawkers and entrepreneurs. And mostly, like all of us Ripperologist (people who study the crimes of Jack the Ripper), to ask the question by means of creating my images, what sort of person would do such a thing?

I am creating the Altered images mostly with my favorite medium: pastels. In my opinion, pastels are the most versatile medium. I’m also using pastels for such dark subject matter because I’d like to do everything I can to dispel the myth that pastels are a soft, pleasing, light picture medium. Normally, when I say I am a pastel painter people think I paint nauseatingly pretty pictures. I’m looking for a more truthful beauty. I don’t flinch at the horrors of the world. There is no distance between pastels and the surface I’m working on. There is immediacy to pastels and they work well with violent subject matter. No borders. No insulation. 

Cameron Hampton,  PSA, IAPS-MC, SPS, APS-ME,   is a painter, photographer, sculptor, graphic novel illustrator and author, political cartoonist, book and web designer, teacher and art gallery owner (The Hampton Fine Art Gallery in Greensboro, Georgia).

Cameron Hampton's work has been described as dark realism. She uses traditional mediums combined with modern materials and digital mediums to create dire, gritty, macabre and dark imagery.

Her latest projects are figurative works called, “ Dark Natured”, "Gothic South", a collection of photograph's of southern architecture from decaying Antebellum plantation homes to abandoned cotton mills, illustrating Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft’s works and "Altered," a graphic novel about Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders.


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