08 October, 2012

Jackie Simmonds Reports On Seeing Differently


Windbreak6" x 12.5"
Casey Klahn
 "It (Windbreak) gives me JOY, because I so thoroughly enjoy those tiny, rich touches of turquoise, blue and pink between the network of branches - masterful, beautiful, surprising, delightful.  I just want to stare and stare at them.  And that royal blue..why would he use that, asks the logical brain......but in the hands of someone confident and brave - just look how successful and oh how visually satisfying - particularly with that little touch of pink at the base of the picture..," Jackie Simmonds.

Seeing Differently, as posted by Jackie Simmonds.

Many thanks, Jackie.  It does pay the artist to see differently, because if you can say something authentic, the world will beat a path to your door. 

Jackie Simmonds is a very accomplished artist who resides in the United Kingdom.  She is the author of multiple books on art, sketching and and pastels.

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