19 October, 2012

Degas Influence

At The Bar - Copy of Degas
@22" x 17"
Charcoal, Conte & Pastel 
Casey Klahn


Sonya Johnson said...

Is this a new one? I like it a lot!

This is some additional inspiration for me, as I'd planned to get into some figurative work after plein air season ends here in the next month or so. Our library recently got two gorgeous books on Degas: one of his nudes and another of the ballet - have you seen those? I will be checking them out a lot this winter, I suspect.

Casey Klahn said...

It's an oldie, but I think not shown on The Colorist before. I look forward to seeing your work in this vein, SJ.

I collect Degas books, but only have @ 5 or 6.

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