01 October, 2012

Report & Matisse Quote

Harvest is Underway

Thanks to my readers and patrons for your kind attention to my Flat File Sale.  It isn't over, yet, but the weekend was busy and several framed and unframed works are going out in the mail.  As I said on Facebook, any artist is blessed to have an audience, and I appreciate mine very much.

There will be some topical sets of images, such as Italian scenes, and also a few inexpensive works to show you this week.  Also, I will cobble together an offering of framed works that are available to purchase.  Maybe I will do that twice, since I have different sizes available.  Stay tuned for these, please.

Traffic here at The Colorist has been sky high, and that is because of daily posting about this event, with much art to see, and this popular feature of artist Cameron Hampton.  Also, for reasons I haven't figured out, this post about the Ukranian artist Sergiy Aliev-Kovyka has gotten new attention.  I love his free style with the pencil.

My new web site has gotten lots of attention.  It directs you to this portfolio page, where currently available works can be seen.  Another reason for high traffic here at The Colorist is that university students are back on campus.

Finally, a quote from the master, Henri Matisse:

There are so many things in art, beginning with art itself, that one doesn't understand.  A painter doesn't see everything that he has put into his painting.  It is other people who find these treasures in it, one by one, and the richer a painting is in surprises of this sort, in treasures, the greater its author.

And no blog post is complete without one of these: the kitty.  My sincere thanks to the kind readers of The Colorist!

Harvest Photo: Lorie Klahn.


Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

I just came across this - I was on vacation when you posted it.
I want to say that this Harvest-photograph is absolutely fantastic - I love it. Is Lorie a professional photographer? - sure looks like it.

And the kitty is of course adorable.

Casey Klahn said...

Lorie is a great photog, huh? Not professional, but in a way she is as she takes my art images. I will pass on your compliment.

Ken says I ought to paint this scene. Not a bad idea.

I will also inform Katie the cat.

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