30 December, 2012

Arc of Flight on the Shortlist

Arc of Flight
 24" x 14"
Sheila M Evans

Every year at this time Katherine Tyrrell at Making a Mark runs an awards event that I always enjoy. You can vote for any of a number of Best of The Year artworks and blogs in several categories. I try to nominate what I feel are the best images I have seen each year, and this year I feel strongly about Sheila M. Evans' work Arc of Flight.

Here is what I wrote about this pastel in the nomination:

This multi-award winning artist from Spokane, Washington, is possibly the most talented artist I know. Her idea of presenting leaves, illuminated in sunlight, is such a fine focus that you feel immediately the warmth. There is some tension in the life cycle of her subject, and she sometimes paints them in browns to drive this home. Her handling of pastels is superb.
Arc of Flight caught me with it's unique portrait aspect, subtle coloring of the leading edges, and the simple arc of color that travels the yellow to green field. Very graceful.

Voting ends in a few hours from right now.  If you agree with me, go ahead and add your vote.

Making a Mark Vote Here.


Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

I voted for this...love it!

Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

I had voted for this painting before I read that you suggested her!
I hope she will win.

Casey Klahn said...

It is a beauty among many great works by my friend.

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