01 December, 2012

Studio News, Ruth Andre, Videos, and Merry Christmas!

This Christmas card to you was waiting for the right day to post, and today is it.  Merry Christmas and happy holidays to my readers!   

A holiday greeting: Christmas colors of my barn's interior.  Appropriate for the birth of the Savior, who was placed in the crib, or the trough where the animals fed.

I've been meaning to make another painting of the barn interior, but artist Ruth Andre, of Sutter Creek, California, beat me to it.  It will influence me next time, no doubt, as I am amazed at the accuracy of feeling, texture and effect she achieves. Thanks for doing this strong abstract, Ruth!

Casey's Barn 
6" x 6"
oil on canvas 
Ruth Andre

Many new artworks have been posted here over the past month, and since we took those photos, I have been in the studio daily creating more works of all sizes.  In other studio news, I have been fielding lots of workshop requests, and will be forced to do some administrative work to sort all of the paperwork out, and will be planning for these.  

The subject of Elements of Art has been the hot topic at my other blog, Pastel Workshop.  I haven't finished all of the posts, yet, but did post When Artists Unify this past week.  Thanks to my readers for the nice reception of this article, and since the series has been so well received  I am thinking about making it into a book.  It will be available in ebook form (if I can crack the code on that task) and I am looking around for the right publishing choice for the proposed hard copy.  What do you suggest?

The following video is my list of the elements of art and the dynamics of design.  In more studio news, there is an interview or studio session video in the plans for me at a professional film studio.  More on that as events progress.

I also found this following longer version of Matisse in his studio, filmed in 1946.  He lived near Nice, and it was the Hollywood of France.  His models were typically actresses and extras from that industry, and so the production of this film short was inevitable.  I wish it were longer.

A Painting Day, Ruth Andre.
Matisse film from Christie's.


Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

I don't know what to suggest for an e-book but I would love to see this series in a book-form. So I hope the e-book will work out.

Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

Great little film. I love the way he hovers with his brush above the image at times and the care he takes.

Casey Klahn said...

Matisse said that he was struck by this film when he saw his hesitation at the brush. He didn't realize that he did that and said that he made those measurements without thinking about them.

Fascinating! I really got a kick out of the measurement from the eye across the mouth to find the neck, and I also got a kick out of the model in a white gown with the big hair!

SamArtDog said...

Casey, thanks so much for this barn interior. I always loved the previous one, but this one knocks me out! Your confidence with colors is what makes you deserve to be called The Colorist.

Yes, great Matisse piece. I, too, am fascinated by his "hovering hand". Channel guidance. His genius was all about staying out of the way, wasn't it?

Casey Klahn said...

That's a good description of Matisse's task: staying out of the way.

Thanks for the kindness, Sam.

Donna T said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Casey! The light coming into your barn is a perfect symbol for the season. Thanks for sharing so much of your inspiring work with us.

Casey Klahn said...

Holiday joy to you, Donna! I did like that beam of light, which is an unusual subject for me.

So happy you comment, here.

Ruth Andre said...

Casey, As usual your post is beautiful and very informative. Love your Christmas Card. I can see a whole series of barn paintings. Glad I got to add one to the group of paintings.

Casey Klahn said...

Your oil painting is so evocative of the light coming through the barn, Ruth. I am a fan of your palette knife style, and the abstraction that you achieve.

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