27 March, 2013

Blog Action!

The Storm Begins On High
9" x 23"
Casey Klahn

Thanks to the following wonderful bloggers for noting The Colorist: Donna Zagotta, Laura K. Aiken and Alyson B. Stanfield. With Donna, this blog been featured 3 years running among Blogs to Watch, and it is wonderful to be found in this company.  Laura and I share a love for Henri Matisse, and so I am honored by this attention.  Alyson is the Art Biz Coach, and her work with artists has helped them make incredible strides in the business and outreach aspects of their studios. I have benefited from several of her workshops, and recommend her to you without reservation.  Be prepared to work hard, and reap benefits, at her workshops, including and especially the online ones!

Donna Zagotta

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Laura K. Aiken  

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Alyson Stanfield

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I also made it in Alyson's newsletter.  Thanks, my blog friends, for the exposure and for the interaction in blogging over the years!


Anonymous said...

Go Casey! You work hard and have earned your recognition; well done!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Peggy!

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