03 September, 2013

The Only Magic Line of Code Bloggers Need


How to Embed a Link in Comments

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Takes Me Elsewhere, You Know.

To embed a link in the comments of a blog, you have to use a line of code.  Since I don't know any code, what I do is recall that it begins as "a href."  I search query a hrefand don't even open the results, as the Google page has enough introductory words and, inevitably, one result will say something beginning with a left angle bracket (<) and an "a," a website address in the middle, and ending with an "a" and a right angle bracket (>).  This shows me that the code is complete.  The words you wish to present with the link are also present and enclosed within angle brackets.

This magic line of code will take your readers out to your target page, and you have a smart looking line of text highlighted as a hot link.  What I do is cut and paste the sample line of code from the source to the comment field.  I switch the target web address, and the bracketed word that sends the reader outbound to the target, and now I have my own custom line of code with a link in it.

Write down the brief "a href" on a piece of tape and put it by your keyboard.  I could write the whole code, too, but I would rather cut and paste it from my Google search.  Perhaps you type 300 words per minute, and would prefer to just type it.  I find the address of my target website in the address box at the top off the webpage, and I copy it to paste, as well.



Ken Elliott said...

great info! you are the blog Dude!

Art Matters said...

Thanks so much for this Casey - a magic line indeed!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the comments, Ken and Carol!

SamArtDog said...

Have anutha absinthe.

Casey Klahn said...

Still shaking off the last one, Sam.

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