24 November, 2013

Northwest Pastel Society

Casey Klahn deliberates among the final eleven pastel paintings at Everett's Schack Art Center.

The annual Holiday Art Show for the Northwest Pastel Society is ongoing in Everett, WA, from November 21st through December 28th.  I judged the awards and conducted a demonstration of a large artwork, which featured the subject of my barn.  I may have more photos in the near future, so please return here for those.

Holiday Art Show.

Northwest Pastel Society.

Photo: Jude Galbraith.


Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

Many thanks Casey for your recognition of my painting, "All in Due Time." Sorry I couldn't be there to thank you in person.

Casey Klahn said...

It was a delight to see, Barbara!

Brenda Boylan said...

That had to be a tough job considering the level of talent the NPS has. Congrats to those who grabbed Casey's attention.

Casey Klahn said...

It was tough. Many of these pastels could've been first place winners at any event.

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