28 January, 2014

The Art Noodge - Frosty Felicitations

 By the breath of God ice is given...
Job 37:10.

You already know there are a number of blogs that emanate from this house.  Now, new blogs are going from here into the ethernet, but not written by me!  Introducing:

The Art Noodge, by Lorie Klahn. A blog where international relief and development ministries are supported.  Buy Art!  Help People!

My wife Lorie enjoys photography and manipulating photos with various software such as Photoshop and all manner of Apps.  She is a talented photographer, and over the years her work has appeared on The Colorist.  Do visit her new blog, and please follow as she posts fine art photography, fun crafts and activities.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Lots of talent under your roof, wow. Lorie's images are striking and what another great blog from the Klahn home, The Art Noodge. Thanks for sharing!

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