20 February, 2014

I Had a Dream Last Night

I Dreamed of a Blue Nocturne
11.25" x 15.1"
Casey Klahn


Ruth Andre said...

Casey, You should feel some pride in your risk taking. I am amazed how far you are stretching out there with your art. No one would mind if you stayed within certain lines but you continue to inspire with your continued search for greatness.

Ruth Andre said...

Casey, You have to feel some pride in your efforts to reach out and stretch with your art. You are accomplishing much with your latest works. I have always admired your paintings but your stamina and choice of subjects continues to inspire. Fabulous work!

Casey Klahn said...

Ruth, I know your internet flibbered and lost the first comment, so you re-sent. I take much pride in your comments, so I went ahead and posted both.

Very heartfelt thanks.

Donna T said...

I second Ruth's comments and am always in awe of your ability to be so expressive, Casey. You certainly inspire me to try harder!

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