05 March, 2014

Sound Painting by Helen Davey

Musician Helen Davey, Switzerland. Helen originates from Australia, but makes her home now outside of Zurich. Her newest song, Waterpath to the Ocean, celebrates to mood of the river in a pastel work that I have done.

Helen Davey writes abstract and lyrical sound paintings. They are pieces responsive to another form of art, such as a painting. In this instance, Helen has created the water as sound, in it's progress from the river's source, to the ocean. Her inspiration is my pastel work, The Rain, the Light, and The River.

Here are 2 links for Helen's tracks.

Soundcloud. Listen to it here.

The Rain, the Light & the River
11.75" x 18.25"
Casey Klahn

Helen blogs at Helen Davey: 52 Sound Paintings, where she is creating 1 new musical piece a week. 


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Very exciting synthesis of art and music. I love it!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, KVAN. It is a cool event, huh?

Unknown said...

It was such a pleasure to sound-paint in response to your beautiful art, Casey. Thanks for trusting me with your work.

Katherine; so glad you enjoyed it.

PS Hey Casey, here's the correct link to bandcamp - it's still not showing properly in the body of the blog.
Cheers, Helen


Casey Klahn said...

Okay - that should work, now. Some links just have minds of their own.

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