02 September, 2014

The Conversation 2014

The Conversation 2014. 2014.
21" x 13.5"
Casey Klahn


Micros said...

NIce job!

Conversation. . . of course.

Between line, color, composition, texture. . . etc. we find ourselves listening to what emerges.


Casey Klahn said...

Micros: you nailed it! The conversation between the elements. Dark side / light side. Busy side / quiet side. Blue, umber, red, violet, green, et al.

Unknown said...

I want to thanks you mr Klahn for the lessons of your blog that i have discovered just few days are gone. I write orrible english but can read pretty well. I am italian and in Italy this medium is not so common, so your advices are precious for me. i' tryng to pass from a figurative style to something more conceptual and emotional and for me seems there is no better way that to follows your blog.
Giuseppe Selo

Casey Klahn said...

Giuseppe: mil grazie. I love Italy and will be there soon. Happy for your progress as an artist, too.

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