08 December, 2014

Workshops Update

Casey Klahn. (Photo by Stan Sperlak)

Upcoming workshops:


Rock Hill, SC    Mar 18-20 / Full. Wait list available.
Mt Vernon, WA / Dakota Pastels   Apr 16-18
New York City / with Ellen Eagle and Casey Klahn  TBA / June?
Marshfield Hills, MA   Aug 10-14
Gainesville, VA   Sep 12, 13
Umbria, Italy   Oct 7-21


Florence, Italy
Portland, ME


Mitch said...

Casey, that's a fine photo Stan took of you. Is it just me, or are you looking a little like either Monet or Rodin, definitely like one of the artists from the nineteenth century.

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Mitch!

Maybe that will help with my art! Hee hee. Have you seen my Photoshops on Facebook? I'm impersonating Manet over there, right now. All in good fun.

SamArtDog said...

Ha ha ha, Casey! Though quite amused, I wasn't going to comment, until I noticed that you're now an icon. I know... always was, but not in my sidebar.

Do you know when and/or where in Portland yet?

Casey Klahn said...

With a pastel society (PPOM) in Portland, Maine, Sam. Looks like November, 2016. Date TBA, Smiles!

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