21 April, 2015

Workshop Washington State

Casey demonstrating landscape painting at the Dakota Workshop Center, Mt Vernon, WA.
Photo: Coizie Bettinger.

18 artists and I enjoyed painting with respect to one's individual voice and ideas in the historic La Conner, Washington area last week. I painted 4 demos and 1 or 2 resolutions of student works. The class was attentive and eager to learn, and I am grateful to Dakota for this first opportunity to teach at a national workshop center located right here in my home state.

My workshop schedule updates. I am dreaming of teaching in Provence, Germany and Italy in upcoming years, as well as NYC and many venues throughout the USA. Dates for those TBA.

Timid Barn on the Slough Shore Road. 2015 9.5" x 16.75." Pastel and Oil. Casey Klahn.


SamArtDog said...

Hi Casey,
I like this a lot. So much confidence for such a timid barn! The colors and their sure application amaze me.
A question...
Do you think that painting in public make you bolder? Or do you dare to take bigger risks in the studio?

Casey Klahn said...

I put on a bit of a show at workshops, but for the learning point of being careless and intuitive. Capable of the same in private. Now, the main difference in public is that I have the possibility of "going blind," which means I don't see the work as well as in private.

One fun development is that I have learned to adjust values to accommodate bad lighting. dakota was good lighting, however.

You know, I would also add I think the bravura in this was a result of seeing the scene in the early morning, and responding to it the same day. I made a sketch on the INKcredible app on my mini iPad and worked from that.

Casey Klahn said...

And thanks, Sam! Always awesome to hear from you.

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