27 August, 2015

Back Online!

After 2 months without internet, The Colorist blog is back in action. Posts to follow!


Unknown said...

I'm guessing you did a roadtrip...motorcycles??!!!......
how was it??.....great time for wanderlust!!
best regards, carol grigus

Casey Klahn said...

We fired our Internet Service Provider, and finding a new one in the country is lean pickings. I'm liking this one, so far, but now we may be hunting for a virus on our computers.

Angela Taylor said...

I hate viruses. Some people make me wonder if they have anything better to do, but screw with others computers. I'm glad that you're back though. :) Will you be posting some of your wonderful works for us to see? Trying to do so much on my own is driving me a bit crazy. I have to admit, but I miss blogging. I am trying to get back to it.

Casey Klahn said...

Same here, Angela. I want to blog some, but need to reform the habit.

I find myself wondering how to run my iMac!

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